Welcome to Dewey!

Ready to Pay your Dues?

Dewey BeachFit is a workout that takes place right on Dewey Beach in beautiful Delaware.


All levels of fitness are welcome!


Class is a 50 minute workout focusing on function movements, combined with strength and conditioning. We use the beach to our advantage to get better, faster and stronger...or to work off a hangover!

Get To Know Your Coach


Five summers ago I was sitting on the beach in Dewey dreading the hour that I would have to get back in the car and drive back up to New York City. I love NYC, but Dewey Beach in the summer is my home. I had taken a hiatus for a few summers and I just didn't want to leave. Growing up in Delaware I spent my fair share of summers in Dewey.  I had started my own personal training business in the city and had to get back to my clients, but in that moment I said to myself that I was going to figure out a way to come back to my summer home. The next week the idea of BeachFit was born. Nobody had done it before, and I would be combining two things that I love, fitness and the beach. 


    After getting the blessing from the Dewey Beach Patrol, I went full steam ahead thinking about how to make the best beach workout I could. Everyone comes to Dewey to have a good time, but my philosophy has always been you have to put the work in to earn your fun, Hense our tag line was born, "You gotta pay your dues before you booze!" You are going to sweat, work, laugh, and party, and that, to me is a good day.


Crossfit Level 1Trainer

SFG Kettlebell Trainer

SFB Bodyweight Trainer

TRX Certified Trainer



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